Việt Vũ’s doctoral artistic Research commences

Since September 2022, I started my PhD practice-based project in Belgium. The project is an artistic research and the outcome will be a feature-length experimental documentary film.

This project is co-supervised between @ARIA, the #universityofantwerp, and @sintlucasantwerpen, @_slarg_ . I’m still feel blessed by the supervision and promotion of my dear professors Dr. @philippemeers, Dr. @SofieVerdoodt, Dr. @petra.vanbrabandt and other supervisors here. I’m also very thankful to be in this multi-disciplinary group of artists and researchers.

Here are some photos of Viet Vu’s participation in the intense Research Week and the group exhibition at @sintlucasantwerpen between 10-16th October.

The images of the exhibition were taken by @danialshah